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Free Family Law Consultations

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We Believe There Are No Problems.

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Helping Parents Navigate The Adoption Process

At Denis M. Gravel & Associates P.C. in Gurnee, Illinois, we have helped families with a variety of changes and challenges for over 20 years. When we help someone with adopting a child, we do not see problems — only solutions. We aim to provide our clients with realistic expectations and information that achieve results.

Beginning The Adoption Process

In Illinois, a person generally must live within the state for at least six months and be 18 years of age or older before they can adopt. Someone who fulfills these requirements can adopt a child, an adult who has resided in their home for two years or more, or even a relative. Adoptive parents can be married or single, and the same rules apply for stepparents and same-sex couples as well.

An adoptive parent takes on all the legal rights and responsibilities that biological parents receive, including the ability to make important decisions on behalf of their child.

Agency Adoption Vs. Private Adoption

A private adoption is an adoption that is handled without the use of an adoption agency. Examples of private adoptions include stepparent adoptions and grandparent adoptions. We provide thorough representation in private adoptions, guiding our clients through the process and protecting their rights every step of the way.

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The adoption process is complex and often time-consuming. Call 847-855-8447 to schedule a consultation with an adoption lawyer who can help. You can also reach us using our online form.