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Lake County Illinois Family Law Blog

What is life like after divorce?

Divorce impacts all areas of your life, and not just the romantic parts of it. You could see impacts to your relationship with your children, your financial situation and more. Thus, it is important to understand how to adapt to these changes and proceed with life after divorce. Relearning single finances The Ascent discusses managing […]

Who Gets the Pet? Animals and Divorce.

Pets are part of your family, so people often don’t think about what will happen to them during the pendency or finalizing of a divorce. Will a judge order shared custody or set a visitation schedule as they might with your human children? This is a very common and real issue that divorcing couples face […]

Do You Really Need a Divorce Lawyer? Three Reasons to Consider.

Some couples may be in a situation where they are both certain that their divorce will be clean, easy and 100% amicable and in those cases filing for divorce may seem like something that can be done on their own. Perhaps that is true, but there are some reasons that apply even to the friendliest […]

What Exactly Is Discovery in Family Law?

Discovery is a vital element in every family law case. It is a way of obtaining evidence regarding the other side. The information found in discovery has the power to change the direction of a case. Read more here.

Handling Major Decisions Regarding Your Child as a Divorced Parent

Being a single parent is complex, and working with your co-parent to make crucial decisions regarding your child can be even trickier. Learn how you can work smoothly and effectively with your ex on decisions like this by clicking here.

3 reasons to go after lump-sum spousal maintenance

If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may have some very real worries about your ability to support yourself after your marriage ends. Fortunately, you may qualify for spousal maintenance, sometimes called alimony. According to Illinois law, a court can order one spouse to pay spousal maintenance to the other for as […]