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Lake County Illinois Family Law Blog

How to share custody with a narcissistic ex

After marriage to a narcissist, you may already know how much he or she likes control. Most narcissists want to call the shots, including calling the shots with your children. Following a divorce, most children thrive in an environment where the parents can come together for their best interests. Unfortunately, you cannot always work together […]

Staying Sane While Divorcing an Alcoholic

Divorce is not a simple process, especially when your spouse is an alcoholic. This added factor can cause extra mental and physical anguish to your divorce. Click here to learn a few tips on staying sane during the process.

Get Out and Enjoy the Weather

Fall weather is here, and it is time to have some fun! Try not to let divorce and family law issues get you down this season. Instead, take your family out to do fun autumn activities and get your mind on something else. Click here for some awesome, budget-friendly ideas.

Tips to prevent financial loss after your divorce

o most people, divorce is synonymous with poverty. While it is true that splitting from your spouse can impact your financial standing, you have the potential to mitigate a great deal of those repercussions. When you understand some ways you can prevent financial loss, you can take a proactive approach to protect what you have. […]

Tips for coparenting in different states and countries

Coparenting in different households, or from a military post, is challenging enough as it is. When you are coparenting over hundreds or thousands of miles, every little problem is magnified. Fortunately, technology and affordable travel have eased this situation somewhat. These tips aren’t going to change your life, or even be breaking news, but timely […]

Where should you file for divorce as a military member?

s a member of the military, you may move around a lot or not have a permanent home. When it comes time to file for divorce, this may make you wonder where you should file your paperwork. Military OneSource explains the law allows you three options for where you can file your divorce complaint. You […]