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Get Out and Enjoy the Weather

Fall weather is here, and it is time to have some fun! Try not to let divorce and family law issues get you down this season. Instead, take your family out to do fun autumn activities and get your mind on something else. Click here for some awesome, budget-friendly ideas.

Tips to prevent financial loss after your divorce

o most people, divorce is synonymous with poverty. While it is true that splitting from your spouse can impact your financial standing, you have the potential to mitigate a great deal of those repercussions. When you understand some ways you can prevent financial loss, you can take a proactive approach to protect what you have. […]

Tips for coparenting in different states and countries

Coparenting in different households, or from a military post, is challenging enough as it is. When you are coparenting over hundreds or thousands of miles, every little problem is magnified. Fortunately, technology and affordable travel have eased this situation somewhat. These tips aren’t going to change your life, or even be breaking news, but timely […]

What happens to stock options in a divorce?

Many companies offer their employees stock options as part of a compensation package. A stock option is a contract that allows an employee to purchase shares of stock at a specific price. If you have stock options with your employer, you may wonder how these get treated in a divorce. Marital property Under Illinois law, […]

What Is the Seven Year Itch?

Have you ever heard of the “seven-year itch”? This term refers to a time in a relationship when one or both partners becomes unsatisfied. To learn how to avoid this, click here.

Is your relocation request in the best interests of your child?

There are many reasons a divorced parent with custody of a child wishes to relocate. In your case, the move revolves around a better job. Relocation will require you to petition the court and modify your divorce settlement agreement. Will the court approve your request? Factors to consider Concerning parental relocation, the court always prioritizes […]