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Are you going to lose grandma’s engagement ring in your divorce?

Thanks to the popularity of social media, a growing number of individuals turn their marriage proposals into extravagant affairs. Never one to be too flashy, you wanted to do something more intimate and special. Dropping to one knee to present your soon-to-be wife with your grandmother’s engagement ring struck the perfect tone. In the lead-up […]

What determines if you get spousal maintenance in Illinois?

When your Illinois marriage comes to an end, you may have reason to seek spousal maintenance, or alimony, to help you adjust to your new lifestyle and get by financially without your spouse. When deciding whether to award you spousal maintenance in your split, the state refers to and considers a specific set of factors. […]

Can social media affect your divorce?

Social media is a constant fixture in most people’s lives. While it is ideal for keeping in touch with others and sharing good news, it can also derail your divorce in some cases. The information you post on social media can come up in court, which may affect the judge’s decision. As a result, you […]

Using a prenuptial agreement for future assets or earnings

High-asset divorces are sometimes more difficult than a traditional divorce, in that the division of property and financial elements is more complex. These can range from bank accounts, business holdings, real estate, retirement accounts and more. Prudent high worth individuals may seek a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage in order to protect certain assets from […]

Caring for your retirement assets after divorce

After divorce, your retirement assets might only be a fraction of what they once were. Considering the lifestyle changes and income influx that may accompany your divorce, guarding your retirement settlement should be a top priority. Knowing how to safeguard and optimize your retirement assets can help you avoid costly losses. With the right strategies, […]

What should I know about health insurance and divorce?

When you divorce, there is a range of factors you must think about. It is easy to overlook some important aspects. WebMD notes that you want to pay attention to your health insurance situation. Depending on your situation, you may need to shop around for new insurance. If you get your health insurance coverage through […]