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Family Law

Understanding The Basics Of Allocation Of Parental Responsibilities In Illinois

If you’re going through a divorce or separation and children are a part of the equation, you’ll need to figure out how to allocate the different parental responsibilities for your children. In Illinois law, the commonly used term “child custody” is instead referred to as “parental responsibilities,” which is an important rhetorical distinction when considering […]

What is Included in “Income” for Child Support?

Child support ensures that your kids’ basic needs are met and that both parents are financially making contributions to the children’s upbringing. But how does the Court even determine where this amount comes from? First, it has to figure out how much “income” the parents have. The Many Sources of Income When someone asks you, […]

What should you know about relocation requests?

Relocation may become a requirement or at least a very strong suggestion at some point after your divorce. However, you must petition the court if you wish to relocate. This is because you will have to modify your divorce agreement if you move. How do you know if the court will approve your request? What […]

Will I lose my military privileges in a divorce?

If your spouse is in the military and you are getting a divorce, you may wonder how this will impact your privileges. There are certain things that you may be accustomed to as a military spouse, but you likely will have changes in your access once you end your marriage. Spousal benefits have strict rules, […]

How can your divorce affect your kids?

Few things can be more stressful than going through a divorce. After all, not only must you deal with divorce-related matters, like divvying up your marital property, but you also must adjust to a new way of life. If you have kids, though, your divorce is apt to be even more challenging. Just like you, […]

What is life like after divorce?

Divorce impacts all areas of your life, and not just the romantic parts of it. You could see impacts to your relationship with your children, your financial situation and more. Thus, it is important to understand how to adapt to these changes and proceed with life after divorce. Relearning single finances The Ascent discusses managing […]