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High-asset Divorce

What Is the Seven Year Itch?

Have you ever heard of the “seven-year itch”? This term refers to a time in a relationship when one or both partners becomes unsatisfied. To learn how to avoid this, click here.

Why many high-asset couples choose an uncontested divorce

If you are like many couples facing divorce, you and your spouse may have a complex shared estate. From real estate and other investments to insurance policies and business holdings, you may have deep concerns about how a judge might distribute your assets. You may also feel that you can come to an agreement without […]

Preparing For a High-Net Worth Divorce

Today’s skyrocketing property values mean that more couples than ever are falling into the category of “high net worth” or “high asset” divorce. These divorces come with their own unique set of challenges due to the value of marital assets as well as their complexity. Taking the following steps to prepare for your high-asset divorce can help […]

How to protect your assets before and after a divorce

Every time a couple splits, dividing property is an enormous concern. There is likely to be a tussle over who gets what. Avoid conflicts by protecting your assets both before and after settlement from a divorce court. How to protect your assets before divorce There is much you can do so that your soon-to-be-ex cannot […]

What happens to the house in a divorce?

Property division is, and will likely always be, one of the most contentious and stressful parts of getting a divorce. You must figure out how you want to split every single asset, including your home. It is important to understand your rights and to know what may lie ahead depending on how well you and […]

Tips for adjusting to post-divorce life

Divorce affects more than just your romantic relationship. It also has significant implications for many other aspects of your life, including your children, finances and mental health. Figuring out to move on in all areas can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you adjust to single life. Focus on your children If you […]