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High-asset Divorce

How does Illinois law determine property division during divorce?

Despite headlines about the declining divorce rate in the U.S., divorce continues to be a common experience for many families. The American Psychological Association notes that around 40% to 50% of married couples in the U.S. end up going their separate ways.  The emotional impact of divorce can make it difficult to focus on practical details […]

What should you do with your marital home in the divorce?

With your pending divorce, you and your current spouse must decide what to do with your property. To help you choose which road to take, please contact Denis M. Gravel & Associates, P.C. to discuss your options. Making a sound choice with regard to a jointly owned marital residence can help you to get through […]

Post-nuptial agreements can protect spouses

Pre-nuptial agreements are well-known contracts that are executed before marriage, and are used to help protect a spouse’s assets if there is ever a divorce. Couples who never agreed to a prenup before marriage, however, can also enter a post-nuptial agreement that can set forth their rights and responsibilities and address issues which may arise […]

How does a prenuptial agreement work?

Preparing for the worst and unwanted contingencies may prevent additional stress and acrimony at the end of a marriage. A prenuptial agreement can help prevent some of these problems, and can greatly ease in the property division process, should the marriage later end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered between the engaged […]

How does a legal separation work in Illinois?

Some residents of Lake County, Illinois, may realize that they need to live separately from their spouses and want the necessary legal protection to be able to do so safely and securely. However, for religious, financial or emotional reasons, or some combination of these reasons, they may not prefer a full blown divorce. As is […]

Property: You Must Know It To Protect It

When it comes to protecting your assets in the event of a divorce, you can’t protect an asset you’re not aware of. While there are guidelines and formulas for the division of marital assets, they are only effective if used in conjunction with accurate information about a couple’s finances.  In a contested divorce case, assets […]