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Military Divorce

What You Need to Know About a Military Divorce in Illinois 

When you serve in the United States military and want to divorce, you face a different set of laws than those for civilians filing for divorce. Unlike a civilian divorce which is governed by the laws of the state, military divorce is governed by both federal and state laws, and special rules and requirements apply.  […]

Tips for coparenting in different states and countries

Coparenting in different households, or from a military post, is challenging enough as it is. When you are coparenting over hundreds or thousands of miles, every little problem is magnified. Fortunately, technology and affordable travel have eased this situation somewhat. These tips aren’t going to change your life, or even be breaking news, but timely […]

Where should you file for divorce as a military member?

As a member of the military, you may move around a lot or not have a permanent home. When it comes time to file for divorce, this may make you wonder where you should file your paperwork. Military OneSource explains the law allows you three options for where you can file your divorce complaint. You […]

When are you eligible for benefits in a military divorce?

When you live in Illinois and your marriage to a member of the U.S. Armed Forces ends, you may question if you are eligible to continue to take advantage of certain benefits reserved for military families. Whether you may still use TRICARE health insurance, military commissaries and similar perks available for military members and their […]

Frequently asked questions about military divorce

When one or both spouses seeking a divorce are a member of the military, dissolving the marriage involves some unique challenges and legal issues. It is important to be aware of these issues before divorce proceedings begin. These are two of the most frequently asked questions about military divorces. 1. In which state should I […]

Breaking down the 20/20/20 rule

An association with a member of the military in Illinois brings with it a number of unique benefits. Chief among these is access to healthcare coverage through TRICARE. Thus, one can understand your concern about losing such a benefit if and when you choose to divorce your servicemember spouse. Many of our past clients here […]