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Single Parent

Are you a Father? Here’s Why You Should Establish Paternity

In Illinois, if a child’s parents are not married when the child is born or are in a civil union, the father is not considered the legal father of the child. The father’s name cannot be added to the child’s birth certificate until paternity is legally established. The Importance of Establishing Paternity Paternity, which is […]

Handling Major Decisions Regarding Your Child as a Divorced Parent

Being a single parent is complex, and working with your co-parent to make crucial decisions regarding your child can be even trickier. Learn how you can work smoothly and effectively with your ex on decisions like this by clicking here.

Tips for coparenting in different states and countries

Coparenting in different households, or from a military post, is challenging enough as it is. When you are coparenting over hundreds or thousands of miles, every little problem is magnified. Fortunately, technology and affordable travel have eased this situation somewhat. These tips aren’t going to change your life, or even be breaking news, but timely […]

6 Survival Tips for Single Moms

Life after divorce can be hard as a newly single mom. You are trying to figure out how to balance an entirely new lifestyle. Follow the tips below to help you adjust to this new lifestyle as a newly single mother. 1. Stop Comparing Everyone’s lives are different. You cannot compare your personal situation to another’s […]