How can you tell your child about your divorce?

Divorcing couples of all ages and backgrounds will likely face challenges when going through divorce. After all, it is a high-stress and difficult transition to make, often upsetting many other aspects of your life in the process. Parents like you struggle greatly since you have to factor your child’s well-being into the equation.

One of your first hurdles will involve finding a feasible way to present the news to your child. Is there a right time, place, or way to do this? Is there any way to limit the harm that may come from it?

Tailor the advice you hear

According to Psychology Today, there are ways you can limit the damage of a divorce announcement. First, you may wish to tailor any advice you get to suit your child on an individual level. After all, no two children are the same and no one knows your child better than you do. The careful advice one parent utilizes might not suit your personal situation.

Thus, you must gather as much information as possible through varied sources. Consider consulting professionals for their input. Scour the internet and talk to friends or family members who have been through the same situation. Once you have the knowledge, think about how your child handles distressing situations and stress. From there, you can tailor your choices accordingly.

Cooperate with the other parent

You also want to work with the other parent. This is easier said than done especially in contentious divorce situations, but it can aid your child. It shows them that you are willing and able to put your disputes aside and work together for their benefit. This stability and sense of love can provide them with the foundation they need to get through this hectic and potentially painful time.