How can your divorce affect your kids?

Few things can be more stressful than going through a divorce. After all, not only must you deal with divorce-related matters, like divvying up your marital property, but you also must adjust to a new way of life. If you have kids, though, your divorce is apt to be even more challenging.

Just like you, your children might have a strong emotional reaction to the end of your marriage. Indeed, according to Psychology Today, children often develop anger, resentment and even depression when their parents are divorcing. Each of these can manifest in a few different ways.


It is not uncommon for children to withdraw during their parents’ divorce. While minor withdrawal might not be much of a concern, you do not want your kids to lose touch with their friends or hobbies. After all, your children might need to lean into these to help them cope with your divorce.


During their parents’ divorces, some children develop behavioral problems. These can range from bullying to experimenting with illegal drugs. As a caring parent, you do not want to look the other way. Indeed, using caring and responsible discipline can help to keep your kids on track.


You undoubtedly are proud of your children’s academic performance. Still, divorce can cause kids to slip at school. If your children are not keeping up with their schoolwork or are failing classes, it may be time to get to the root of the problem.

To help your kids better manage your divorce, it might make sense to employ the services of a competent family counselor. Ultimately, the benefits your children receive from family therapy are sure to outweigh its expense and inconvenience.