Is your child a victim of parental alienation syndrome?

Illinois parents like you may have a rocky relationship after the divorce. Understandably, most parents do not want this to get in the way of raising their child. While many ex-spouses manage to work together toward this goal, it is not always the case.

Sometimes, a parent’s vitriol may be so intense that they cannot let it go. In the process, they may cause the child to suffer.

Psychological Abuse

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a direct result of parental alienation. The legal system classifies PAS as child psychological abuse caused by manipulation and lies that can manipulate a child’s point of view. Oftentimes, parents use these tactics, knowingly or unknowingly, and in the process cause a negative relationship between the child and former spouse.

Effects of PAS

Children who are impacted by PAS often struggle with depression and anxiety, which can lead to a drug or alcohol addiction.

Additionally, victims of PAS have difficulty connecting with their peers and building friendships due to their psychological abuse that leads to trust issues and a diminished social life.

The duration of PAS often last for years or even a lifetime – the duration is driven by the age the child suffered from parental alienation.