Post-divorce relationship-building with your children

A divorce can change your relationship with your children. When you and your ex share custody, it naturally means that you will spend less time with the kids. When you are together with them, your focus is likely on building a strong relationship in every possible way that you can.

One thing you can do is demonstrate to your child that their life and their interests are also important to you. If you watch movies together, let them pick the ones that they like. If you read night time stories, let them choose the stories before bed. Additionally, bond with your children by playing with their toys. This can be difficult for some adults who are not interested in these activities, but engaging with your children and their interest’s, demonstrates that you value and love them.

Additionally, enjoy some unstructured time together. Don’t have a plan. Don’t pick an activity. Don’t make rules. Just enjoy being together and let things evolve organically. This is often how children naturally play. As adults, we like structure but removing it can be relaxing and freeing for your child.

The biggest concept to keep in mind, of course, is simply having quality time together. That means reading books rather than scrolling through your smartphone, playing outside in the yard, and/or asking for their input on potential activities. When they know that the time spent with you is fun and fulfilling, your relationship with your children will thrive.

Parenting after divorce comes with its own hurdles. Make sure you know exactly what legal rights you have as a co-parent as you work through your custody issues.