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child support

How Do I Go Through a Divorce Gracefully?

Going through a divorce in Illinois is both practically and emotionally challenging. In fact, many people find that the process is the most overwhelming experience of their lives. Divorce can have life-altering implications for your living situation, your finances, your property, and your relationship with your children. With so much at stake, is it possible to move […]

What Makes High-Asset Divorces Different?

Divorces are undoubtedly challenging and complex, regardless of the assets involved. However, the process can become even more intricate and demanding when high-value assets are at stake. At Denis M. Gravel & Associates P.C., with over two decades of experience in family law and divorce proceedings, we understand the unique challenges of high-asset divorces. So, […]

What is Included in “Income” for Child Support?

Child support ensures that your kids’ basic needs are met and that both parents are financially making contributions to the children’s upbringing. But how does the Court even determine where this amount comes from? First, it has to figure out how much “income” the parents have. The Many Sources of Income When someone asks you, […]