Tips for adjusting to post-divorce life

Divorce affects more than just your romantic relationship. It also has significant implications for many other aspects of your life, including your children, finances and mental health. Figuring out to move on in all areas can be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you adjust to single life.

Focus on your children

If you have children, your divorce is just as big a transition for them as it is for you. Post-divorce, work on strengthening your relationships with your children and helping them to cope with the changes in their lives. Focus on providing stability, consistency and open lines of communication.

Utilize your support system

Transitioning into your new life can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. However, leaning on the people who care about you can help to lift the emotional burden. Many of your family and friends have likely also experienced the hardships of life after divorce and can provide helpful tips for managing this adjustment period. You might find that more formal help, such as a support group or mental health professional, is necessary.

Take charge of your finances

When you suddenly become a single-income household, your finances can feel like they are out of control. Learning to manage your finances alone is a top priority. Work on your budget, build credit in your name and consider new professional opportunities.

Though your circumstances have completely changed, you can use this phase in your life to control your personal life, strengthen your interpersonal relationships and explore the new you.