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After an Allocation Judgment and Parenting Plan is entered with the court, the next major topic may be child support and child related expenses.

Child support is now calculated based upon the net incomes of both parents. Net income is the income a party receives after certain deductions. The Illinois Statute now considers the net income of both parents, and apportions the child support amount based upon the overnights each parent has with the child(ren). Although this may sound complicated, the attorneys at Denis M. Gravel & Associates, P.C. are masters in understanding the child support laws, and are here to assist you.

The child related expenses may include health insurance premiums, including medical, dental, and vision premiums, uncovered medical, dental, vision, psychological, orthodontia premiums, school expenses, extracurricular activity expenses, and life insurance premiums. The division of these expenses may be based on the ratio of each parent’s net income to total a total amount of combined net income.

For example, if Parent 1’s net income is $1,000.00 per month, and Parent 2’s net income is $2,000.00 per month, the total net income available is $3,000.00 per month. Parent 1 may be responsible for 33.3% of the child related expenses ($1,000.00 / $3,000.00 = 33.333), and Parent 2 may be responsible for 66.6% of the child related expenses ($2,000.00 / $3,000.00 = 66.666).

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Written by: L. Fox, Attorney at Law

Custodial parents often find that their personal circumstances – or their children’s – have changed and a modification is necessary. An experienced family law attorney can be very helpful to a parent seeking a modification. Gurnee family law attorney Denis M. Gravel has a 20-year track record of winning successful outcomes for parents in family court. He has a deep knowledge of the law, a knack for educating clients and a reputation for listening and responding to client concerns.

Denis M. Gravel will explain how an income-based state calculation can be modified based on a sudden change in circumstances. He also can answer questions and be a reliable resource throughout the process. We can meet with potential clients at an initial consultation at no charge. For more information on the services we provide, please see the child support and modification page on our website.