What are some tips for communicating with a co-parent?

Co-parenting your children with your ex-spouse has its challenges. Even regular communication can be difficult. Since open communication is crucial to successful co-parenting, you will probably want to know how to strengthen your message and avoid unnecessary conflict.

According to Healthline, there are ways to improve your communications with your co-parent. Keeping these tips in mind might help you to enhance your co-parenting experience.

Think about how to communicate

Remember, your focus should be about your child. Sending texts or emails to your co-parent might be emotional at times, so you should think about what you want to say and be clear, concise and respectful. Avoid sounding belligerent or critical. Avoid negative comments and remarks about the co-parent in any texts or emails as that may create unnecessary obstacles in the future.

Be brief when communicating

Texts and emails should be brief and directly relate to the topic at hand. You can also establish boundaries ranging from the number of messages each day as well as what topics that may be off-limits for the co-parent, but this should be done ahead of time if possible. Regardless of your situation, your child can see how you treat each other and oftentimes may react in the same manner. Think of the term “monkey see, monkey do.”

Make the communication direct

Direct communication may be difficult at times. Making texts and emails direct and free of accusations or criticism may be a calming influence for all involved. Co-parenting should be a team effort if possible as you are there to encourage, support and discipline your child in an adult like manner and not as to punish the co-parent.