When can I seek child support modification?

Child support is a topic that probably weighs on your mind as a single parent. If you receive support, you may need a larger amount because your child’s needs have changed. Conversely, you might pay support and need to lower your payments because you recently lost your job. Fortunately, asking an Illinois court to adjust your support is an option.

The courts will not modify child support lightly. State law places a priority on preserving a good quality of life for children, so parents must meet their obligations to their offspring. Still, the state recognizes that some situations call for an increase or decrease in child support.

Events that may modify child support

According to Illinois Law there must be a “substantial change in circumstance” to warrant the modification of support. The substantial change cannot be self-created.

You may experience a significant change in your current life situation that necessitates an increase or decrease in support. If so, you can petition for a change in your support based upon recent changes in your life.

Proving your need for modification

In order to qualify for a support modification, the state will conduct a review to verify that you need a change in support. You may need to supply documents that show your employment status, balance statements for your bank accounts, and insurance papers if you experienced a change in your insurance policy. If your child has developed a persistent or serious health problem, you may support your request with medical records.

It is important to gather this information as soon as you see a need to change your support. If the state verifies your evidence, you can submit your case for modification. Sometimes a parent needs a judge to make a ruling, but if possible, you may work out a change in support with your co-parent before submitting the modification for approval.