Why many high-asset couples choose an uncontested divorce

If you are like many couples facing divorce, you and your spouse may have a complex shared estate. From real estate and other investments to insurance policies and business holdings, you may have deep concerns about how a judge might distribute your assets.

You may also feel that you can come to an agreement without the intervention of the court. Under an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse may be able avoid the stress, conflict and uncertainty of litigation while finding financial solutions that make sense.

Putting the focus on the future

If you and your future ex-spouse can agree to work out the terms of your divorce amicably, an uncontested divorce may allow you the time and attention you need to truly assess your financial circumstances and your future goals.

This may include valuing various assets, exploring different property division options and determining how specific ways of distributing your estate might impact your separate futures.

Finding creative solutions

Taking the time to identify your priorities and clearly examine possible outcomes may also help you to find creative approaches to complex issues. While the law may constrain the types of distribution decisions a judge can make, in an uncontested divorce you may be able to find a way to divide assets that is fair and works for you both.

You and your spouse may both want to pursue a fair settlement, but you may not know where to begin. A family law attorney may be able to help you understand how the court treats issues like asset division and support and guide you toward an agreement that is both equitable and workable.