Why should you use technology to your advantage as a co-parent?

Learning to co-parent with your ex can be a struggle for many people. If you use a lot of technology in other aspects of your life, you may want to consider it with your co-parent.

Talking Parents explains co-parenting apps can help parents communicate more effectively after a divorce.

Keep you and your co-parent on schedule

Scheduling is essential for all parents, especially if you and your former spouse do not live together. You can set up a calendar with necessary appointments, events and extracurricular activities. Shared calendars allow you to coordinate events and stay on schedule all of the time.

Avoid miscommunication and arguments

When you interact primarily through text, you have more time to think about your responses. You have an opportunity to step back if you feel yourself becoming upset. When you think about what you want to say, you are less likely to find yourself in petty arguments.

For example, if your ex wants to exchange days because of an important event, you can access the conversation with the dates at any time so you do not have any confusion that may lead to future arguments.

Share financial information and expenses

You can share files and images in most co-parenting apps. For instance, if you need to share medical records, phone numbers, report cards or other documents, you can upload them to a secure server for you and your ex to look at when necessary. Additionally, you can share financial expenses. You can track payments and costs, so you never have to fight over who owes the other or who paid for what for your children.

When you use an app, you can keep track of important information and activity between you and your child’s other parent.